commissioned work



OCBC Bank 

Circles Take The Square(s) | Public Mural 



MAP @ Publika | Public Art Project

The Lonely Crowd | Public Toilet


Male Toilet

Female Toilet:


Long Live Food!  | Public Mural

"Long Live Food!" | 2012 | Digital Collage Mural | 273 cm x 682 cm | EAT Food Village, MAP@Publika, Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur


This piece is a commission work for main public mural artwork at E.A.T Food Village food court at Publika Shopping Gallery.  The concept for the whole food court’s interior is visual imagery related with China/Chinese culture, to be filled with different kind of art and design.  As a visual artist, this set and setting have been just a right situation and space to challenge and negotiate. A challenge to negotiate and create work that able to blend and balance my current artistic exploration (in interrogating the connection between aesthetic production, ideology and representation) and the ability of the site specific art piece to transpose commercial graphic decoration and advertising, and communicate with the public.

The main inspiration to create this work is the curiosity to look into a less popular modern art development from Social Realism art to institutionalized art of China’s Socialist Realism. The postwar time marked the shift in the international politics, social and culture where the world is divided into two opposite polar of USSR’s communism and U.S.A’s capitalism and both side were utilizing art in different way to propagate and advertise their selective system. China adopted the Stalinist approach to institutionalized art under the state. As such the State set the parameters for what it employed them to do, which radically change the long tradition of China aesthetic in visual art. To understand my position and the state I’m in now in the contemporary setting in relation to the history and also current situation where China slowly shifting their system to become the new economy powerhouse, inspire me to imagine the new representation by appropriating the images from Communist China Socialist Realism art of the 1950 to 1979 and turn its meaning around.

Each image from different China propaganda poster from the 1950s to 1970s, that come from different state campaigns and slogans, was cropped, cut out and edited digitally and then rearranged them digitally in the new mural size picture frame. The only new image that was not part of the propaganda posters that was collaged into the work was images of Apple i-pad substituting Mao's Little Red Book, hold sacredly by the subjects. The final work is a digital printed mural. The work is a satire that reused the images in new composition and new narrative arrangement, which before was part of State Party’s program to represent a ‘new’ China after the People Republic of China formed a new government. The posters functioned as media to be circulated all around China to communicate and teach the citizens of the correct way of behavior, state policy and other campaign.

The commentary that I try to mass communicate to the public now goes beyond the previous historical context and the function of the images in their previous life. There’s subtlety and subjectivity in what the new narrative could be, depending on how familiar the public with the style and history of the images. It can also become totally a meaningless pretty picture, a dull, symmetrical and traditional composition mural; of beautiful landscape on the background, a big parade on the middle ground and happy children with food and animal on the foreground, suggesting that image as image itself was natural before it was chosen to be seen and used for specific ideas. It could also be a picture, jam packed with symbolism, commenting on the current local and international political economy.

This System Renders Mad Both Side: For those who are part of it and those who reject it  | Art Spool

This System Renders Mad Both Side: For those who are part of it and those who reject it | 2011 | Acrylic based paint, aerosol paint and spool | 90 cm (diameter) x 60 cm (depth)

Killing Us Softly Both Side: The vicious re-circle  | Art Spool

Killing Us Softly Both Side, The Vicious Re-Circle | 2010 | Oil paint, acrylic, aerosol spray and spool | 150 cm (diameter) x 90 cm (depth)


Pustaka Kiri 


Red Revolution  | Public Mural

Red Revolution : Tribute to Anti Colonial Revolutionaries  | 2010 | Acrylic based paint and aerosol spray paint | Pustaka Kiri, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) Kajang headquarters, Kajang, Malaysia

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Suriani Abdullah 

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Said Zahari

Pak Sako

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Lim Chin Siong

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